Easy way to earn money(microworkers.com)

Microworkers is a global moneymaking site.That give you the opportunity to make money easily & it have best payment system.you have to complete the following steps to make money.

REGISTRATION PROCESS:Microworkers registration is like normal registration at 1st go to microworkers site (click here) then click register for free & the registration sheet ask for some information .after fill up all information they send an activation link to your mail address. so go to your mail add and click the link then your registration will success..
Find your job:Microworkers offer you very simple job you can get (forum posting,link building,comment,yahoo answer,sign up,rating,voting,youtube,facebook.twiter,digg) various kind of job & it also pays you different.so which kind of job you want to do choose yourself.
How to complete a job:1st choose your job & read the requirements properly then complecte all requirements. when you complete all work then collect the prove & click to accept the job and submit your prove....
Submit a job:Think you choose a job for youtube sign up.then go to youtube.com & register there (like normal registration) verify your e-mail and submit the user name & password & you will get paid
                                                          Then wait for get payment.