Saturday, October 22, 2011

Start Making Money on Facebook

Well, unless you have been living under a rock, then you have certainly noticed them.  Facebook makes sure that you do notice them for a reason… they want you to click on them.  That is precisely how Facebook makes their revenue.  They charge individual advertisers a small fee every time someone clicks on an advertisement.  In fact, in a nutshell, this is how most search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN generate revenues as well.  I have nothing against those search engines (they are great), but I will not talk about making money on them because it is a more advanced technique.  Facebook has the most user-friendly advertising interface and is the best place for you to learn how to make money by placing pay-per-click ads.  The bottom line is that Facebook’s social ads are amazingly awesome and simple to learn.  If you have ever wanted to make money online, then look no further than the Facebook advertising platform.
Let me tell you a simple secret that you should keep in mind as a marketer:  We as humans are consumers. We cannot help it.  There are things that we want, there are things that we need… therefore, we are consumers.  Think about it.  How many things have you paid for this week?  This month?  This year?  I know I have consumed a lot in my lifetime and I am sure you have to.

This is where Facebook comes in:  There are millions of hungry consumers on Facebook. Millions of people just like you and me that want and need something.  All you have to do as an affiliate marketer is fulfill the hunger of the consumer.  Facebook provides the perfect platform that allows you to precisely target any group of consumers you wish.  This is how you will make your money on Facebook.
The funny thing is I really do not like Facebook all that much.  I actually see it as a waste of my valuable time.  However, my girlfriend is one of those people that are completely obsessed, and I think, “Get a life! Quit asking people to tag you in their photo album!“  But then, I also think about the fact that the millions of girls like that are the exact people that will convert on an offer that I am promoting.  That is what it’s all about—conversions!  By conversions I mean that someone successfully completed your offer, which is what makes you money.  You just have to find the right affiliate offer (which I will teach you how to do) and you will be set to take advantage of all the hungry consumers on Facebook.  Trust me when I say, “There is money to be made on Facebook!” Take advantage now.

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