Saturday, October 22, 2011

Free Work At Home with oDesk is an online staffing marketplace and management platform that provides a convenient way to hire, manage, and pay a freelancer no matter where they are located. Hiring managers can post freelance jobs and hire from thousands of ranked and certified service freelancers for time-based freelance work or fixed-price freelance work.

oDesk tools empower users to manage freelancers as if they were in the same office, and verify and pay only for actual work performed.

The oDesk Manifesto for Online Freelance Work

The best approach to online freelance work is the one that creates success for both the buyer and the freelancer. As the first and only service to guarantee that an hour billed is an hour worked and that an hour worked is an hour paid, oDesk has long held these Manifesto principles dear.

Please consider the Manifesto a declaration: Don't settle for less than you deserve.

As a freelancer, you have the right to:

* Get guaranteed payment for your freelance work
* Avoid the hassle of creating invoices and time sheets
* Live where you want, work when you want, on the freelance jobs you want
* Set your own hourly rate based on your skills, experience and reputation
* Access freelance jobs around the world
* Prove and market your skills via free online testing
* Post a profile, apply, and interview for freelance jobs without paying a membership fee
* Build your own business online

As a buyer, you have the right to:

* Audit the freelancer and hours worked
* Access talent from around the world
* Know the identity, skills and experience of every team freelancer
* Pay your global online freelancer team without the hassle of payroll and taxes
* Pay competitive rates worldwide
* Offer freelance work online without paying a membership fee or a posting fee
* Build your own online work team of freelancers

Learn more about oDesk tools and the process of hiring, managing and paying providers by visiting oDesk Tutorials, an online collection of short videos that gives you a quick, but valuable overview of day to day operation. Also take time to visit oDesk Blog, for freelancing and outsourcing tips, commentary, analysis, and news from oDesk.

Start your free work at home career and sign up for a free account with oDesk today!

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